I'm Glory.

I am a photography major student attending Emily Carr University of Art and Design. I will continue to learn all about the art and raw capturing of images while using different techniques and photo editing skills from paid professionals.

In October 2020, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a photography workshop taught by National Geographic photographers and becoming a part of #gengeo, a dream I had since I was young. 

Since the


I first discovered my love for photography many years ago around the age of twelve while taking photographs of jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium. I have been taking photos ever since then of friends, family, wildlife and nature!

Photography has become more than a lifestyle and hobby, it has shaped who I am as a person. I continue to see improvement in my own work everyday, while capturing the things I love and adores in a photo. 

I plan to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in just a year and apply for my Masters of Fine Arts while also gaining experience around me from friends, family and seeing the world from travelling.

My ultimate goal is to work with National Geographic one day and fully live out my photography dream and see where it takes me.

Creating new memories with people and seeing new places is the best part of being a photographer. I love the places and people that I meet along the way and know that there is definitely more to come. 


What is your style?

I have been doing some more videography a lot recently with my new camera and more portrait based work with friends/family. I will always have a soft spot for landscape and wildlife as I navigate more into chasing adventures! Portraits on the side, however, is a good learning experience with people along the way.... As I one day hope to work with National Geographic when I am finished school.

Where do you want to travel too?

I hope to travel all around the world someday. Iceland (Scandinavia) being on the top of my bucket list (where the puffins are)... Also Italy, the UK, and Antartica definitely as well, but I do dread having to travel through the Drake Passage!!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have a few different canon cameras such as; the R6 Mark ii, G7X Mark iii and canon ae-1 analog. I take my cameras everywhere with me in my camera backpack depending on where the adventure calls me! That being said, I am saving up for the Hasselblad X2D 100C camera, a drone, and more RF lenses!

How do I get an inquiry?

Do not hesitate to contact with any questions but please remember I am NOT taking any clients anytime soon as I am still busy in school full time! I hope to gain more knowledge and experience and then start gaining clients one day but not anytime soon.

Thank you for your understanding :))

contact: glorymunroephotography@gmail.com